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Crime Writers Crime Writers KICKSTARTER campaign launch in december Q4 2017. Subscribe now! KICKSTARTER campaign launch in december Q4 2017. Subscribe now!

Do you like story telling? Do you like creative games? Do you like solving mysteries? This is your game!

duration of 15 minutes multiplied by the number of players | 2 to 10 players | for ages up from 14 years | contains 86 cards
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The game

Let the crime writers' night begin!

Invite your friends to an exciting and mind challenging party where each of you will create their very own mysterious story as crime writers.

Having a single clue to start with, the guests will start to solve the cases...

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Main concept

We created a unique card based crime game. Besides providing the exciting atmosphere of solving mysterious murder cases the game also challenges the writing skills of the players.

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The visuals

86 original black and white photos evoke the mood of classical crime fiction as well as the visuality of suspense and film noir movies.

The crime element cards are really inspirational without exercising too much influence on the storytelling process.

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card types | 20 cause of death cards | 16 motive cards | 20 crime scene cards | 30 killer or victim cards
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In the box

background Crime writers | Game boxing and contents
Cause of death
20 pcs
16 pcs
30 pcs
Crime scene
20 pcs
Crime writers | Game box
Crime writers | Cause of death cards 20 pcs Cause of death cards 20 pcs
Crime writers | Motive cards 16 pcs Motive cards 16 pcs
Crime writers | Killer/victim cards 30 pcs Killer/victim cards 30 pcs
Crime writers | Crime scene cards 20 pcs Crime scene cards 20 pcs
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Game mechanics

Crime Writers is a card-based cooperative creative party game with semi-competitive elements played in 2 stages.

4 stacks of cards

The game contains 86 cards that represent the five basic elements of a crime story in four stacks of cards:

3 cards for each player

Every player draws a total of three cards from the four stacks at choice.

1st stage: writing

The first stage is a 10 minutes long writing stage. At this stage everyone writes down their own crime story using the elements shown on the cards they have drawn.

2nd stage: asking

In the second stage, players take turns becoming writers, while the others become guests. Writers begin their turn by revealing the title of their crime story. Guests ask questions trying to figure out the whole story, observing the rules of asking. The writer can respond to the questions only with the following answers:


When guests figure out a crime element written by the writer, they receive three points. The longer it takes the guests to figure out all five elements of a story the more points the writer will score.

The question asking does not end after the five crime elements are known and the clock has stopped. The guests must continue until they can make all the connections and tell the whole story. Only then the next writer's turn begins.

Game end

The game ends after the story of each player has been found out.

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For the complete set of rules please check the rule book of the game included in the box.

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Features and skills

Icon | Writing Writing skill Creativity
Icon | Writing Communication Vocabulary
Icon | Writing Combination Creative mind
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Unfiltered Gamer

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About us

We are an artist couple: Adam is a graphic designer and photographer, Bori is a painter and visual art teacher.

We founded Lulla Games in 2016, which is a small indie book and tabletop game publishing company based in Budapest.

We are the creators of all our books and games helped by many testers – big thanx to them!

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Game designers

Game Design & Photos | Bori Mészáros Bori Mészáros Game Design & Photos
Game design & Photos & Graphic Design | Ádám Vágó Ádám Vágó Game design & Photos & Graphic Design

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Contact us

If you are interested in our game or you have any questions, please write a comment on our Board Game Geek site. You can also rate and share our game! Thanks for your feedback!

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